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Technology Entrepreneurship for everyone!
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We have the best partnering platform worldwide!


Use INTUIFace or Microsoft "Project Siena" to
create your "First Pot of Gold" Apps on App Store / Google Play platform
without programming.

Our platform can help you all the way from Seed Invest to Initial Public Offering ("IPO").
We are here to develop future world class entrepreneurs.

Our Organization Structure & Strategic Partners

Our Partnering Platform

Microsoft "Project Siena"

Project Siena is a breakthrough technology that enables your business experts, analysts, and imagineers to create transformative business apps.

With Siena, they can now build custom apps with rich visuals, filled with custom intelligence and functionality, with no programming skills required. 


The world's premier platform for creating, deploying and measuring interactive digital experiences without writing one line of code.


Entrepnr is an advice-sharing platform where entrepreneurs from all sectors and industries can exchange advice to make smart decisions and succeed in Asia.

Eureeca is the first global crowdinvesting platform where businesses raise capital to expand and grow from a crowd of investors in exchange for shares in their business.

BriteFUTURE Magazine 

The best Community Magazine for apprenticeships, events and success stories on career and business.

The Accountancy Cloud

The Accountancy Cloud is UK's Tech Startup Accountants that offers accounting solution on a single online accounting platform, Xero.

The Accountancy Cloud guides tech startups throughout their growth, supports funding rounds and very experienced in dealing with complicated accounting & tax regimes.

Entrepreneur Resource

IBM Global Entrepreneur

A unique program designed to connect startups to IBM’s global ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders, and enterprise-grade technology.

Up to $120K USD of IBM Cloud credits, extensive global network of solutions, go-to-market offer and mentor advice to entrepreneurs.



Every Aspired Individual an Entrepreneur!

We have the best partnering platform worldwide!


Sat, 30 Jan at 10:00, Fuxing Zhong Road, CN

Entrepreneur Conference Asia, Shanghai

By: Global Supply Chain Council & Chain Media

Thu, 17 Mar at 11:00, Shoreditch, GB

The Importance of Understanding Competition

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